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Fielding - Slip Catching

Fielding - Slip Catching

                                Image Courtesy: PTI

Slip catching Drills

This drill is designed to improve your slip catching technique

Drill 1: This drill requires 3 people. Batsman, Thrower and the Fielder.

The thrower throws the ball under-arm to the batsman who is in a kneeling position. The batsman diverts the ball to the slip fielder who stands a few meters away from the stumps to receive the ball.

The quicker the ball is thrown, the ball travels faster to the slip fielder and thus improving the slip fielder reflexes.

Drill 2This drill is designed to replicate the scenario of real match situation

The ball is thrown on to the pitch roller which deviates the ball based on the seam position and surface.

This drill makes the slip fielder to react quickly as he is not aware of where the ball might travel after pitching on the roller surface.

It is always advised to wear proper gear while doing slip catching, so that you do not get yourself injured.

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