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Fielding - High catching

Fielding - High catching

                                                          Courtesy: AFP

High catching drills:

There are two kinds of catching technique the first one is Finger up and the second one is Cup. Both these techniques can be used depending on the fielder comfort and the ball position.


To train the technique for the high catch as well as the more advanced techniques of moving backwards or turning for the catch.

Drill 1:

The players are asked to stand near the cones placed 10 meters apart from one another. Each player takes turns in throwing high catches for the ‘catcher’ to take while running from side to side.

Drill 2:

You have to form a line with players one after the other. Place a cone far from the line at a reasonable distance which the fielder can cover.

The ball is hit high up in the air towards the cone placed region. The fielder has to walk in and run towards the cone to make the catch happen.

You can place multiple cones at different distance and feed the fielder with multiple catches one after the other to make the practice more intense.

Drill 3: 

The fielder is asked to stand next to the hitter facing his back to the direction of the hit. The cones are placed as boundary or to mark a point where the fielder has to head towards.

The hitter hits a high ball towards the marked area and the moment the ball is hit, the fielder has to judge the line of the ball and has to turn and run towards the ball sideways to complete the catch on the run..

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