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Fielding Underarm throw Basics

Fielding - Under-arm throw

Under arm throw is performed when the fielder is closer to the stumps and has to react quickly. This can either be performed in a static position or while moving.

The important attributes to perform a good under arm throw is to maintain your weight on the feet, a still head and a good eye level.

As the batsman stuck the ball, the fielder in the close in region, who is in a low perfectly balanced and crouched position, moves quickly to attack and hit the wicket.

Before attacking the ball the fielder has to access the line of the ball and moves inside the line to pick the ball.

The fielder has to collect the ball with fingers pointing down and the corresponding foot in front. As said above the head has to be kept steady while watching the ball into the hand.

The fielder has to maintain a low body position throughout and moves his head for the target. The fielder using his throwing arm to back-swings and brings his arm in front by down-swing motion. This has to be aligned with the arm and body follow through in the direction of the target.

"Fielding - The under-arm throw Drills"

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