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Fielding Overarm throw Drills

Fielding - Over-arm throw Drills

The drill is designed to improve you technique and accuracy. Also to train the player in throwing the ball accurately.

Drill 1:

  • The ball is placed in a still position and a target is placed to hit
  • The fielder is asked to run towards the ball, pick up a ball and throw over-arm at a target

Drill 2:

  • Number of balls are placed at different places on the ground at a distance from the start point
  • The start point is marked for the fielder to start his run-up
  • A single stump is place as target for the fielder to hit
  • The fielder runs from the start point and can pick up any ball and throw at the stump
  • After each throw he has to returns to the start point and runs to pick up and throw the next ball.

Drill 3:

This drill is to improve your concentration and help you throw at the right end while trying for a run out.
  • Two to Three colored balls are kept on the ground. If you do not have different color stumps you an use different color cones to hold the stumps
  • Similar color stumps are placed at different end
  • The fielder has to pick the colored ball and has to throw at the similar color stumps

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