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Fielding Overarm throw Basic

Fielding - Over-arm throw Basic

Over the arm throw is an essential part of fielding. The process is to collect the ball, study and place yourself, aim the target and then release the ball.

First thing first that you should know is how to hold the ball while trowing to your partner or at the stumps. Always hold  the ball comfortably across the seam with the thumb underneath the ball.  If you hold the ball on the seam the chances of it to getting deviated from target are higher.

Have your back foot placed at right angle to the intended direction of the throw and have a long stride which establishes a firm base. 

The elbow of your front arm should be aligned with the target. Which doing this ensure the throwing hand is drawn back smoothly.

Throwing is an action combined with upper body and lower body movement. The hips and shoulders begin to rotate while the front arm is pulled in, which generates the power required.

Ensure you release the ball in front of your eyes for more accuracy, this is for flat throw and for long distance you have to aim and throw with an angel.

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