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Fielding Positions Part 4

Fielding Positions Part 4

Mid Off:

This position is placed near to the bowler markup and it is primarily recommended for the Captain
This enables the captain to communicate with the bowler and set the field accordingly

The position is primarily responsible to cut any quick singles scored through straight drive and are placed about 25-30 yards from the batsman

Silly mid-off is close in position and placed for bat-pad chances

Deep mid-off is usually placed a little in from the boundary

Long off is right at the edge of the boundary

Note: Similar positions on the leg or on side are known as mid-on, deep mid-on etc.

Mid Wicket:

It is more of a Defensive field set up where your aim is to save runs than attacking the batsmen

They are positioned on the leg side of the field, between square leg and mid-on

Fielder at this position should be a good catcher as this position is bound to receive few top-edged pulls when the batsmen are hitting out.

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