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Fielding Positions Part 3

Fielding Positions Part 3


Best fielders in the team are usually found in the position.

The position is placed to stop runs which are scored by batsman who are strong in cut shots. This position is always kept busy and found on the offside of the field.

Very athletic fielders are placed in this position especially for spinners, so that they can jump or dive to save singles or take catches.

Fielders placed close to the boundary line slightly behind the square of the wicked is called Backward point.

A Deep point is a defensive field and basically kept to stop boundary.


The primary aim of the covers fielder is to stop runs played on front foot or back foot drives.

Covers is a larger area which starts from point to mid off. and the fielder in this position is always kept busy.

The ball travels quickly to the fielder as the batsman drives the ball with precision.

There are different positions in the covers:

Extra cover is positioned between the regular cover fielder and mid-off. If the batsman plays good drive shots then this position is very important.

If the same fielder is moved to a catching position closer to the wicket then they become the short extra cover fielder.

Deep extra cover is a more defensive position out on the boundary.

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