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Fielding Positions Part 2

Fielding Positions Part 2

Third Man:

The position of a third man is to save runs behind the wicket keeper. The position has evolved now and found as a vital position because of the batsman playing innovative shots.

You can find the third man positioned behind the wicket keeper on the off-side of the wicket

The fielder has to cover lot of areas and anything that passes through wicket keeper, slips or gully has to be tried to cut down by this position.

This position is more or less found during defense field set up.


More like a slip, but a bit wider and found close to a point fielder. This is primarily a close catching position. and hence require quick reaction.

The fielder is found square of the wicket and on the offside.

The position requires quick reaction as the the ball is likely to travel very quickly.

The catches that come in this position, if the batsman is forced to play a forceful shot which the batsman is not able to keep down.

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