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Fielding Positions Part 1

 Fielding Positions – Part 1

In my previous post "Cricket Ground and Fielding Positions" you would have read about the fielding positions of cricket. This is a detailed explanation on where and why these position are important.

Starting With:

Wicket Keeper : 

This is the position which is a specialized position within the team. In a match the most used person is the wicket keeper.

The keeper is the person who stands behind the stumps and has similar attire as a batsman. He positions himself as per the bowler.

For faster bowlers they stand far behind the stumps to gather the ball which is coming toward him at speed. However for slow bowlers they stand right up to the stumps to increase the possibility of stumping the batsman.


This is an another very important position and found standing near the wicket keeper. 

You would have heard the saying in cricket 'catches win matches', which is the job of a slip fielder and also save vital runs behind the wicket.

Positioned on the off-side behind the wicket, first slip is alongside the wicketkeeper, with second slip, third slip etc following in the same direction.

This position needs quick reactions as the ball travels to the person quickly.

Normally about a foot or so behind the wicket keeper is the First slip.This is because the ball flies faster off the edge when the ball goes finer.

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