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Different types of Cricket Pitches

Different types of Cricket Pitches


There are many types of the cricket pitches. It can be either Batsman or Bowler friendly.
The Different types of Cricket pitch are:

·         Dead Pitch
·         Dusty Pitch
·         Green Pitch

Dead Pitches: 

In the recent days we would have seen high scoring matches and one can assume that it is a Batsman friendly wicket. Such pitches are called Dead Pitches. They are primary created for T20 and ODI.

You can find very less support for bowlers and the balls comes on to the batsmen nicely to play the shots.

These pitches can be identified by the color and they have a dark toned. You can also fell the wicket to be solid. The grass is completely rolled out and the moisture is taken away.

Dusty Pitches:

As it goes by the name the surface is kept soft and these clay pitches are not rolled in hard. These kinds of wickets can be found in some parts of India.

These wickets are prepared mostly to assist spin bowlers. The ball tends to grip lot more due to lose surface and the ball grips over the pitch lot more.

These kinds of wickets are preferred by spinners. Since the bounce of the pitch is on the lower side, the batsman might not have a hard time to play the spinners.

Green Topped Pitches:

These are the best suited pitches for the bowlers and create nightmares for batsman. These pitches provide low scoring and lot of wickets been taken.

The ball seams a lot more than the regular pitches and one could find movement after the ball hitting the deck. This is caused by the thin layer of grass which is not rolled completely on the good length areas.

Batsman finds difficulty to adjust to the movement of the ball after pitching due to the grass on the pitch.

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