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Cricket Ground and Fielding Positions

Cricket Ground and Fielding Positions

As per ICC Standard Playing Conditions defines the minimum and maximum size of the playing surface for international matches. Law 19.1 of ICC Test match Playing Conditions states:

As per the rules the playing area should be a minimum of 150 yards (137.16 metres) from boundary to boundary square of the pitch, with the shorter of the two square boundaries being a minimum 65 yards (59.43 metres).

The straight boundary at both ends of the pitch shall be a minimum of 70 yards (64.00 metres). To be  measured from the centre of the pitch to be played.

This is subject to no boundary exceeding 90 yards (82.29 meters) from the center of the pitch to be used.

There should also be a 3 yard gap between the rope and the surrounding fencing which would allow the players to dive without risk of injury.

The conditions contain a clause, which exempts stadiums built before October 2007.

"Fielding Positions Part 1"

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