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Batting Drills - Positioning


These drills are designed to help the batsman improve their overall skills.

  • Line & Length Judgment
  • Placement
  • Positioning

Positioning Drills

As a Batsman it is very essential to position yourself to play the right kind of shots for the deliveries bowled.

Drill 1

  • First mark the position with a tape or a cone and start to shadow practice to arrive at the right areas
  • Body positioning can be corrected by allowing the Batsman to play with a stump in his hand
  • This was also help the batsman to reach the correct position and as well as watching the ball

Drill 2
  • The partner throws the ball, wide of off-stump
  • The ball is pitched at a driving length
  • The batsman has to move forward to play the drive
  • However is asked to wait for the ball to be in line with his back foot and play a cut shot
Drill 3
  • The batsman is asked to move along with his partner, who drops the ball at regular intervals for the batsman to drive

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