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Batting Drills - Line & Length


These drills are designed to help the batsman improve their overall skills.

  • Line & Length Judgment
  • Placement
  • Positioning

Line & Length Drills

This drill is designed to help the batsman judge the correct line & length of the ball, which is considered as an important aspect for any Batsman.

  • Mark different areas of different length with either tapes or cones
  • The player is asked to take his stance
  • The partner throws soft balls on these marked areas
  • The player has to play appropriate shots according to where the ball pitches
You could increase the level of the drill by following the below process
  • Make the partner to throw the ball from shorter distance
  • Increasing the speed and frequency of the delivery
  • In-between asking you partner to not deliver few balls to ensure you are watching the hands of the bowler
  • An extra stump is placed next to the regular stump either on the right or to the left
  • A chalk line is drawn from the extra stump outside the crease
  • The batsmen takes position at the crease
  • The partner throws the ball and the batsman uses the mark as a guide to judge whether to play or leave the ball

"Batting Drills - Placement"

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