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Yo-Yo Endurance Test

Yo-Yo Endurance Test

The selection process which is been considered pivotal for making into Indian cricket team is the new “Yo-Yo” test which is an advanced version of the ‘Beep’ test which were conducted earlier. 

There are two versions of this test: Level 1 & 2 (a beginners and advanced level).

Fitness has become an important aspect for the selection of players in the Indian squad as well as the playing XI. This new test helps the player to gauge their fitness level.

Level1: It is same as the beep test which were performed earlier
Duration:             2 to 10 minutes

Level 2:                 Starts with a faster running speed and have increment in speed.
Duration:             6 to 20 minutes

All that is required to carry out the test is cones and a free running space which is of 20 – 30 meters long. 

The entire test is software driven and it instructs to player to take the process.

·         The cones are placed to mark out two lines which exactly measures 20 meters
·         The Players start behind one of the line and begins to run to the other end when instructed and returns back to the original position when signaled by the recorded beep sound.
·         After each minute, the speed gets faster and tougher. If the player misses the target once, he gets a warning and can continue to reach the mark.
·         If the player fails to reach the mark twice and reaches after the beep he is considered failed to clear the test.
·         The player who runs the longest distance and who does complete his movement between cones before or within the beep are considered fittest.

The pass mark for the test is to get 19.5 and above. It is known from external sources that our Indian team captain Virat Kohli seem to be scored at 21.

This test does not involve any cricketing skill, but it is a test to gauge player's fitness level. Even if you are considered a super batsman or bowler there is no room to be in the team if you are not fit.

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