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Batting Drills – Speed - Part 1


These drills are designed to help the batsman improve their essential skills.

  • Balance
  • Co-ordination
  • Agility
  • Speed
  • Reaction
  • Stability

Speed Drills

These are basic warm-up exercises incorporating speed and acceleration.

These training can improve your overall running and will yield you results during 

  • Running between wickets
  • Fielding
  • Covering the ground to take high catches
  • Stopping a boundary in the outfield

Find some warm up drills to be performed to improve speed.


  • Cones are kept at a shorter distance and after 30 meters the last cone is kept.
  • Players has to first sprint with short steps over shorter cones and then sprinting to the cone kept at 30 meters mark.
  • They will also have to run sideways to another marker to complete the drill
  • This is designed to improve your sprinting.


  • Cones are kept diagonally and balls are kept above them leaving alternate cones without the ball
  • Players have to start at a mark and sprint diagonally to the cone where the ball is kept; he picks the ball and then runs sideways to place the ball on the empty cone
  • The player continues the same way until he has picked up and placed all the balls
  • He then completes the course by sprinting back to the start point.

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