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Batting Drill – Agility


These drills are designed to help the batsman improve their essential skills.

  • Balance
  • Co-ordination
  • Agility
  • Speed
  • Reaction
  • Stability

Agility Drills

The modern players use Agility equipment's for quick feet movement and building endurance.

Find few drills that are designed to train the overall agility of a player without spending much of your money on these equipment's.

These drills will help a player to improve his ability in the below aspects:

  • Changing direction suddenly
  • Turning Quickly
  • Run faster
  • Run Shorter
  • Sharp movements

To develop these skills find below some activities you should perform:

  • This activity requires a group of player
  • They are asked to form a wide circle
  • A catcher is placed inside the circle
  • Player forming the circle throw the balls just out of the reach of the catcher
  • The catcher must attempt to catch the balls by either dive or jump

Training given by Coach

  • A player stands in front of his Coach who has several balls on the ground
  • The Coach throws the balls rapidly towards the catcher
  • The catcher has to react as quickly as possible to catch these ball  


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