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Kashmir Willow vs. English Willow

Kashmir Willow vs. English Willow Cricket bats

As we all know Cricket bats are made of many wood types and the manufacturers most preferred wood type that is used is the willow.

If you have played cricket and have some knowledge about cricket then also must know that there are two types of willows used commonly for manufacturing cricket bats - the English Willow and the Kashmir Willow

The strength and compression that a cricket bat needs can only be found in a Willow.

As the name goes you can easily understand that English willow is grown in England and Kashmir willow is grown in Kashmir.

In England English willows are specifically grown to make cricket bats.

One can easily find the difference between and English and Kashmir willow by the color. As the name goes English willow is more white in color and Kashmir willow are little brownish in color.

Comparing the grain density between the willows. English willow has more grain than Kashmir willow.

Let’s take a further look between the two willows

English Willow

They are the best woods that can be used to make cricket bats. These bats are preferred by experienced players and are of best quality and provide good results for your shots.

Since England has a cool climate these woods are softer in nature. These bats have more stability and are best suitable for hard balls. They have thicker blades and the ball moves better.

These bats require lot of maintenance and are popular.

Kashmir Willow

Kashmir willow bats are famous among beginners but are as popular as English willow cricket bats. There are some who are still using Kashmir willow at International level. The normal weight of the bat is heavier when compared with English willow.

These bats needs less maintenance and they also last long due to the harness of the willow.

The blades are thinner when compared to English willow bats.

I would recommend Kashmir willow for beginners who want to improve their skill and later when you take it professional level it is ideal to switch over to English willow.

Cricket Bat Grain Quality and Structure

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