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Cricket Bat Grain Quality and Structure

Cricket Bat Grain Quality and Structure

What is Grain on a cricket bat?

Grains are the lines visible on the Face of the bat. This represents the age of the willow of which the bat has been made

How many Grains can be there on a cricket bat?

Higher the number of grains, higher the age of the willow and better is the performance.

How to relate cricket bat life with Grains?

The more the grains the performance of the bat will be better. However, the durability is little shorter when compared with less grained bats.

The lesser the grains the bat have a stronger wood and longer life

What is Quality of a cricket bat?

English willow bats are graded from 1 to 5, with 1 being the best quality bat.

The Grade defines the quality of the bat. Higher grade means that the grains are straighter and there are fewer blemishes on the bat.

I would recommend that one should go for lesser grain bat, which would provide you a perfect combination of performance and durability.


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