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Batting Drills - BALANCE


These drills are designed to help the batsman improve their essential skills.

  • Balance
  • Co-ordination
  • Agility
  • Speed
  • Reaction
  • Stability

Balance Drills

One of the most important factors in cricket is maintaining your balance. These are a few exercises which can be used to improve an individual’s balance. 

Warm up drill with Bat and Ball

This exercise is designed to maintain your balance on the ball and to control its movement. This gives a visual training and should help in your net sessions

  • The players bounce a ball on the bat, starts walking forward and then backward.
  • The player then bounces a ball on the bat and does the same routine but this time sideways
  • Once you have completed front, back and sideways walk, the next level is to place some cones on the pathway and ask the batsman to bounce a ball on the bat and pass through these obstacles.
  • The coach can also instruct the players while they are bouncing the ball on the bat to move whichever way they want

Now taking this to the next level, try doing the same drill while running.

Warm up drill with Ball and Cones

This exercise is designed to maintain your balance while moving and improve your hand eye coordination.

1.      Cones are placed in a straight line and over which balls are placed one after the other.
  • The player has to run towards the first cone, collect the ball placed on top of it and jumps over it
  • The player reaches the second cone, places the ball on top of the cone and jumps over it.
  • The player reaches the third cone; collect the ball placed on top of it and jumps over it
2.       As in the previous drill, but now the cones are placed at an angle and the same activity is repeated.

Hope you found this information useful also go through other topics which might interest you.

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