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Right age to start Cricket training

What is the right age to play Cricket

Well there is no age restriction as such to play cricket. If you can identify raw talent within your kid then you are already in the process of training him/her.

How do I identify talent?

Well that's a good question, how does somebody identify talent.
All you have to do is buy a plastic bat and ball and see if your kid can judge the ball and hit it and also try throwing some catches to him. If he has got the hand eye coordination then he is all set to go.

What if my kid is not able to judge the ball?

To answer this question, there is no problem at all, might be he is just not ready, but with your efforts your kid can be trained to play cricket.

Many of you would have noticed some kids are born with the skill and there is very less help required to train them by their parents.

They know how to hold the bat. How to bowl, how to catch and how to throw. These are one of the many kids across India who are capable to play cricket.

To conclude age is not a factor for any kid to play cricket. For every kid their parents are their first trainer.

One should understand training is different from Coaching. Coaching is an important aspect for any young cricketer to go to the next level in his/her cricketing career.

He or she should take proper coaching to understand the game and improve their skills.

My next article would talk about why coaching is important and what's the age to undergo coaching - "Right Age for Cricket Coaching"

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  1. Hii, I am Pavithra .i'm studied in Vivekanandha college of technology for women, i am play in cricket well and i think.but my dream is i'm select in Indian cricket team. but no facilities and no team. Any offer please inform with me. Inform this id.thanks...

    1. Playing for International level is an Himalayan task, however there is nothing called as impossible. With hard work and dedication one can achieve anything.

      Coming to your question, women's coaching centers in India are very less and it completely depends on the location where you live. I would recommend you to reach out to professional coaches who can help you progress.

      Find a coaching academy near your place and get registered. I hope you had attended some coaching before and understood the basics.

    2. kkk sir. thanks for your information.

  2. I see the greatest contents on your blog and I extremely love reading them. Bangladesh Cricket

    1. Thank you and will sure post more such content

  3. Hi sir, can anyone start the cricket career after 25?? Assume he has huge talent.. Will it definitely work sir?? I hope for yout kind consideration..

  4. Hi, Hope you are safe and secure. To answer your question, if he/she has had some cricket coaching before and has played some matches either for his school or club and have not lost touch. It is possible.

    Varun CV is a tamilnadu player and he quit cricket in between and never played competitive cricket. He made his debut for Tamilnadu in the year 2018-2019.

    So if you have talent and have basis skills and lot of commitment and determination, anyone an play.

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  8. Hii, I am M. Harish.i'm studied in

    Municipal higher secondary school my age 16 for men, i am play in cricket well and i think.but my dream is i'm select in Indian cricket team. but no facilities and no team. Any offer please inform with me. Inform this id.thanks...


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