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How to Choose a Cricket Bat

How to choose a Cricket Bat

The bat is traditionally made from willow wood, specifically English willow or Kashmir willow.

The following information will help you find the best bat which suits your skills.

Selection Process:

1.     Need:

You should understand your need to buy a cricket bat. This completely depends at what level of cricket you are going to play.

2.     Size:


As everyone knows there are various sizes of bat available. One should choose the right size based on their height and the weight they feel comfortable.

H= Harrow. SH= Short Handle. LH= Long Handle.

3.     Willow:


This is the very important part of selecting the right bat. There are only two types of willows in the world which are used to make bats, EnglishWillow and Kashmir Willow. English Willow is preferred by many of the bat manufacturers and it is costlier than Kashmir Willow. English Willow Bats have more stroke, power and performance when compared with Kashmir Willow. These are imported bats.

Kashmir Willow Bats are cheaper and good for beginners. Kashmir willow comes from India. Kashmir bats use a raw material which is much heavier because of the nature of wood.

4.     Weight:

When you select your bat one should keep in mind the weight of the bat and how much weight is comfortable for you. This is the essential part of buying a bat. It is understood that the heavier bats are durable and hence provide more power to your shots.

If you want your shots to be faster and better control a lighter bat will allow you to perform.

There are various combinations as now a day’s even heavier willows are made to feel lighter due to smart methodologies used for bat making. It also depends on how you hold a bat.

6.     Style:


It depends on what kind of player you are. If you are more of a front foot player you will have more success playing with a Lower weight bat. If you are a Back foot player then use higher middle bats. 

7.     Bat Handle:


A good handle absorb the shock created with the bat meets the ball. There are various handles used in a cricket bat, for example Oval shape, Round Handles etc.  Oval handle improves the pickup of the bat and provides batsman a better directional feel. While the round handle provide more control to the bottom hand and helps the hard hitting batsmen.

The length of the handle is left to your choice and comfort to play

8.     Grips:


One might feel that how could Grip be an important part of selecting a bat. But to me it is and just like the bats, every batsman hand is different. The grips help you to get the actual width and feel of the handle you want.

You might have read from different sports magazines that there are many players who use two grips. This actually helps in lighter pickup and improved bat speed. Though it adds some extra weight to the bat it is based on the comfort of the player.

Choose number of grips on the basis of your feel of the bat.

9.     Toe Guard:


This is typically designed to face Yorker's and prevent damage to your bat. The toe of the bat is not as strong as its middle and hence the protection is very important.

10.  Brands:

There are lots of brands available in the market and it is completely depended on the players choice.

Hopefully the above said points come in handy while selecting the bat of your choice and it is maintained well to give you success.

"Kashmir Willow vs English Willow"

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