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Different Cricket Bat Quality


Prices of the bat are decided based on the pieces of wood used and as every other product there are different level of bats.
Every bat goes through a rigorous process to make the bat perform better and last long. The final product is evaluated based on drive the bat has got.
A player has to decide or select his bat based on his feel over the bat and how comfortable he is with the bat.
Cricket is all about timing and to get the best result from your bat it is very essential to be properly trained to use it.

 Level 1
This is considered to be the most expensive willow of all and has got the best look. These bats carry straight grains which are very much visible on the bat. You might find some dark spot on the back of the bat but do not worry these are just mark on the wood and will not do any damage to your bat.

Level 2
These are excellent quality bats and are found with grains that are more of curly. The grains can be spotted easily on these bats as similar to Level 1 bats. Though there are curly grains found over the bat it does not affect the shots you select to play
Level 3
These are the bats that are considered as best value for money. It might contain a mixture of both the grain but will not affect your performance. Most of the batsmen prefer these bats because of the affordability and the reference it carries.

Level 4
These have lesser grains compared to the above 3 levels and mostly curly, which however does not affect the performance. The grains are not much visible. These can be used for beginners who are trying to understand the game and trying their shots.

"Different Bat Sizes"

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