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Cricket Warm up Drills 1

Cricket Warm up Drills

The first and foremost thing a cricketer needs to do is warm up.

Warm up helps you in preparing your body for playing in any condition and adapting to situation. It also helps you from injuries.

Fitness is very important in cricket and that comes through proper warmup.
It helps you in improving your flexibility, mobility, poster and balance.

Warm up helps in increasing your stamina and endurance, which supports you in the net sessions and matches you play.

Cricket warm up basics.

This helps in preparing your body and muscles and increase its intensity to perform better.

All you need is some free space to move around maybe a play ground.
Most importantly first aid kit if you face any injuries during warm up.

1. Jogging with Running

The ideal way to start is by jogging for almost 1500 meters and taking a drinks break post completing.  Jogging helps in raising your pulse however this needs to be combined with Running.

Post break run either 50 or 100 meters and then walk slowly to the start point. Repeat the same for 4 to 5 times.

This will sum up to 2kms of jogging and running included.

2. Movements

Movement is very important for cricket and routines will help you with quick feet.

All you have to do is follow routines like moving sideways left to right and change angle and then move at the same direction.

Combine this drill along with hand movement which will provide you both parts of your body moving smoothly while batting, bowling or fielding.

3. Stretching

This is intended to help stretch your hand and leg muscles, which would help when you take net sessions or matches for long hours.

You can finish the section with some knee lifting, hand swinging, jumping on your toes, long jumps and some fitness techniques.

These should be done for 3 sets and based on the age group this might differ.

There are no custom exercise as it completely depends on the coach who knows the player skill better.

The above said are the basics one should follow before going to nets or matches.
Overall, you should be working to enhance your skill but not exhausting yourself.


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