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Choosing the Right Cricketing Kit

Choosing the Right Cricketing Kit

It is essential for every Batsman, Bowler or Wicket Keeper to have the perfect cricketing kit to showcase their talent.

It is very important to select the right kit which would suit your size and style.

 Here are few suggestions which could help you find the best cricketing kit.

1. Go in person to get your kit

Do not buy your kit online, it is very essential to try out the equipment's yourself before you buy it. Hence go to a reputed sports store and try out the needed equipment. 

Also take some expert opinion before you take a decision, because there are many options available in market which might confuse you and hence this is important.

2. Selecting the best kit

Everyone often make the mistake of getting the best for a beginner. Do remember these are only for beginners and you do not have to necessarily spend so much as equal to a professional level.

There are options available for beginners, like instead of buying an English willow bat you can buy a Kashmir willow which is cheaper yet suited best for beginners.

There are reputed store that have professional in selling sports goods, they could be your best guide to choose the right equipment's.

Get the right fit than a costly fit.

3. Maintaining the Kit

One has to understand that any product brought has to be maintained and it is important to know how to maintain you cricketing equipment.

There are so many methods used and I would recommend that you follow the method specified by the manufacturer to maintain the equipment's.

4. Jersey and Shoes

When you join any academy they would always recommend you to buy White Jersey and Tracks. There are also academies who charge for their academy uniform. Hence having a proper size T-shirt and Tracks will make you comfortable during your warm-up period and net sessions.

Shoes are very important as you know by yourself that you cannot play cricket with bare foot, which could cause you injury and can ruin your career. Hence buy proper cricketing shoes and have them properly maintained.

Find the best fit and ensure that get used to the equipment's, if you are not comfortable with the kit do not invest in it as it is of no good and would just cost you money.


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